Gennyne Hepburn

Founder & President

Gennyne Hepburn is a Certified public Accountant (CPA) with an innate and long-term passion for all things art. Balancing her desire to be creative with her technical mindset, in 2005, she achieved a Bachelor's degree in Accounting with a minor in Studio Art while at Hartwick College in New York.

Since childhood, art has always been her passion and remains at the forefront of her interests. It was pursued at every opportunity peaking today with her transforming her passion into a focused pursuit of the arts after a decade practicing in the public accounting and finance industries and thoughtful planning.

In 2009, Gennyne hosted her first private exhibit of her own works which was met with positive response from attendees. It was a successful event, germinating the idea of art as a viable career path. Moments such as these over the years have allowed art enthusiasts the chance to view and acquire her pieces for their personal collections.

During 2015, Gennyne began art tutoring sessions on weekends where she taught painting techniques to young participants. Today, she continues to paint by request and sell limited prints of select original works. She embraces every opportunity to share the exhilarating experience of art with adults and children alike- particularly through the medium of paint.

Art has had a profound impact on her appreciation for life. Big Picture was incorporated with a mission of helping others incorporate art into everyday living in a fun-filled way.