[Date last updated: June 4, 2016]

General Conditions

Items included in the in-studio packages includes one canvas, access to paints, paintbrushes, paint utensils, aprons. At the end of any session, the canvas becomes the property of the customer. All other items remain the property of Big Picture Ltd. Wine is served complimentary at the adult events at the discretion of management. The selection of wine may vary from time to time. During Little Picture Program Events both in-studio and offsite and any designated for minors, wine will not be served. Wine will be served to adults at the open paint parties that have been advertised as Family events. In such occasions, non alchoholic beverages will be made available for minors. Light hors d'oeuvres are provided complimentary to painters by Management at the discretion of Management.

Each reservation made represents one person attending the event, often referred to as "painter". One registration allows one seat to be allocated to each guest. Due to capacity and safety concerns, we do not accept additonal onlookers in the space. We also do not permit one seat to be used by more than one person, which included but is not limited to children sitting on laps of adults, more than one person sharing a seat at one time. Each guest must be registered separately.

Offsite events require a site inspection by Management to confirm adequacy of space and facilities. For offsite events, the basic clean-up process to be performed by Big Picture Ltd upon completion of the session will include clean up and removal of our materials, placing into bins any items to be disposed of, wiping of any paint or water spills and return of any non-disposible resources provided by the Client. Housekeeping and regular maintenance of Client's space will remain the responsibility Client.

Big Picture Ltd and its officers, directors and affiliates will not be liable for any damages or losses to property (including but limited to clothing, jewelry or any other property or persons) as a result of participation in the painting events. Items that the Client prefers to not have be subject to risk of loss or damage should not be brought to the events. Should such items be brought to any paint session, they remain at all times the responsibility of the Client. Big Picture Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage done to Client's property as identified to Big Picture Ltd representatives by Client for use during any offsite paint party. This includes but is not limited to items such as walls, table, grass, flooring or other personal effects in area leading to, designated and used for paint party. Client is required to secure and protect such property if it is made available for use by Big Picture for their event.

Any child that is registered to attend an event can only be left out our premises if he/she is potty-trained and does not require the assistance of others in the restroom. If the child is not potty-trained, parent must advise Big Picture and agrees that the child will be supervised by the legal parent/guardian. Such notice must be given to Big Picture at the time of registration so that Big Picture can confirm capacity prior to booking.

By completing any booking on this site, I agree that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older and I am making reservations for persons above the age of eighteen (18) years of age where the reservation is for an adult public party. Any guests that checks in for their session who Management has reason to believe may be under the age of eighteen (18) years of age will be asked for identification verification by means of viewing a government issued photo ID to confirm age. If this can not be provided by the Guest, the Guest may be denied access until age can be verified. The cancellation and refund policy applies here as usual. Any resulting loss is not the responsibility of Big Picture Ltd. or its representatives.

Parental Consent Policies and Procedures

In order for child to be registered to attend any of our in-studio events, consent is required by the legal parent or guardian.PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING FOR SUMMER ART CAMP:

Registrations are processed in the order in which they are received and class enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is complete when Big Picture is in receipt of full payment (registration fee and camp fee). All contact information provided by parents and guardians at the time of registration will be tested for validity and ability to make contact prior to the start of camp.

Camp registration fee plus camp fee must be paid in full by Monday June 20, 2016. Registration fee is not refundable. Tuition will be refunded if notice of withdrawal is provided at least 14 DAYS prior to start date of the camp session from which you are withdrawing. If notice of withdrawal is given less than 14 DAYS prior to the start date of the camp from which you are withdrawing, you will receive a 50% refund, less the $30 administrative fee. No refunds will be given after the start date of the session for which you are enrolled . Students enrolling after the start of the session (i.e. mid session) are still required to pay full week’s camp fee. Tuition is not pro-rated.

Transfers: Campers may transfer to any class not already filled within the first two weeks of class. This does not apply if session has already commenced.

Make-ups: Sessions not held due to a hurricane or government declared closure will be made up at the discretion of Big Picture Management. Campers missing class by their own choice will not receive a make-up class or refund.

Substitute instructors: Big Picture reserves the right to substitute instructors of equal caliber in an emergency.

Discipline: . Big Picture reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss any camper due to inappropriate behavior. The refund policy applies here.

Medical: I understand that Big Picture does not have a nurse or any other medical professional onsite. Staff members will not administer medications and do not have the ability to monitor medical conditions. In the event of an emergency, Big Picture staff will seek outside medical assistance. In the event that any listed parent, guardian or emergency contact  cannot be contacted or there is insufficient time to contact me or my designee, I hereby authorize Big Picture’s staff to act on my behalf with regard to medical treatment of myself or my child. Without limitation, I authorize emergency transportation for my child, and I authorize emergency medical treatment. I understand that the staff of Big Picture will make every effort to contact me, or my emergency contact, during an emergency. I authorize that photographs, videotapes and/or interviews may be taken of myself, or my child and that such photographs, videotapes, or interviews may be published and used to promote Big Picture, the Little Picture Program, and/or the Little Picture Summer Art Camp.  I also give Big Picture permission to reproduce photographs and video components of art making by my child for promotional purposes. My child has my permission to take part in all activities at Big Picture during the summer art program. In addition to activities that take place in studio at Big Picture,  I give my son/ daughter permission to take walking tours and discovery walks under the supervision of Big Picture staff.

All other Big Picture terms apply.

Cancellations & Refunds

Individuals: The option to cancel a booking ends 2 days before an event. Any attempts to cancel less than 2 days before your scheduled event will not be honored. Deposits and payments are not refundable. Reschedules, credits and/or gift certificates would be offered once notice is received no later than 2 days prior to the event.

Private Parties: If 5 days before your event you provide written notice of your inability to attend your booked paint party, we can reschedule your group event for a future date (limit- one rescheduled date). If such notice is not received by Big Picture Ltd, we will not be able to facilitate rescheduling your event to any future date. Should a refund be requested 5 days prior to your booked event, it will be processed with a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the booking processed without regard to catering or other third party costs which are due upfront in full. Should a refund be requested less than 5 days before the booked event, it will not be honored. For catered events, a minimum of 5 days notice of cancellation is required to avoid a cancellation fee. Should such notice not be provided, the Client is obligated to pay the catering fee in full in addition to the deposit being forfeited. No event will be rescheduled to any day in excess of 30 days from the initially reserved date.


We will require a 50% deposit to reserve your private event. The balance is due two days prior to the scheduled date of the event. Should balance not be received as per policy, we will accept bookings as usual which may no longer make your preferred date available.  All deposits are not refundable.

By making a booking on this site, I agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Big Picture Ltd.